How to keep fit while working as a driver

Crunching the time chatting to riders and looking for your next trip might sound like an easy gig, but as any professional driver knows, there’s a certain exhaustion that comes with the job. Being hyper-alert to road hazards and driving continuously can cause a lot of tension in the body.

Why should you keep fit as a driver?

Making time to keep fit is not only healthy physically, thanks to endorphins it also makes you happier too. Endorphins reduce your perception of pain in the body, and as you continue to build a positive association with exercise, the less pain you’ll feel!

Plus, like the posture benefits of keeping active, letting off steam can improve your alertness on the road as fitness encourages a deeper and more restful sleep. Ready to get your full 40 winks? Read on…

Setting yourself a fitness challenge

In a time of lockdown, many people are finding outdoor exercise is a fantastic way to stay in shape and stay positive, by getting their fitness endorphins up. Before you take a bite to eat, devote yourself to some quick self-care with fitness on your break. 

  1. Enhance your health with nature

If you’re comfortable doing so and able to find a spot that observes social distancing rules, you can make the most of the sun during your workouts. Outdoor workouts are a good reason to get out of the car and setting yourself the challenge to do 10 reps of a favourite activity is a great goal. 

But, if you prefer a slower pace on your lunch break, why not try more mindful fitness practises like Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga outdoors? One of the most uplifting aspects of these types of fitness is they force you to slow down physically and mentally. 

So no matter how hectic your morning has been, you can reconnect with yourself in nature’s tranquility whilst strengthening your muscles. If you’re starting out as a beginner, try out Youtube fitness channels like Leia Cohen’s Taiflow for all levels of experience, or experts like Dylan Werner’s yoga practise to get the basics right.  


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Attention is a limited resource that the mind allocates to the things that it thinks is the most important. If we don’t assign to it what is essential, then the mind will continue to search out what it thinks is the most relevant to our situation. Attention comes from intention. Clear intention lets the mind know what we consider to be the most important. Our intention illuminates the path that we want our attention to follow. The clearer the path, the easier it is for the mind to stay on task. When we understand the ways that the mind wants to wander, we are quicker at redirecting it when it strays. Our life is the direct result of where we focus our attention. If we cannot direct our attention to manifest our purpose and desires, then our life becomes very challenging.

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 2. At-home health hero: 15 minute workouts

If you can get home easily on your lunch break, the options for fitness are limitless. You can make the most of an old bike, the kids’ garden trampoline or even your old punching bag if you’re a former boxer. 

Consistency in your workout routine is important to keep the habit, so we recommend committing to a minimum of 15 minutes on your break. Challenge yourself to keep this habit for 21 days, if not a full month. The choice of fitness activity is yours, but keeping it up for three weeks will help convert it into a long-term habit.

Why not try the ever popular short HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) workouts to get an all body buzz going? Simply search for the activity you want to do on Youtube and find a teacher, like Betty Rocker below, for free.

     3. Gamify your workout

If you’re not usually the active type, gamify your fitness challenge to make sure you stick to it. Mobile apps like the 2016 phenomenon, Pokémon Go, are perfect for getting you moving and having some fun!

There is a wealth of gamified exercise apps that will have you outrunning zombies, hunting ghosts, or even dressing up virtually as a superhero to get your steps (and sweat) in. Alternatively, if you’re someone who thrives on challenging themselves, downloading a FREE fitness logging app, like Google Fit, may be best for you. 

You can effortlessly track your workouts and general movements as long as your phone is on you. This way you can save money on a fitbit style watch and still visibly see the difference you’re making to your body in colourful metrics. Seeing your workout quantified gives you accountability for your own health and can push you to do a little more each day.

Using fitness to improve your mental and physical health

Mental health charity Mind states that physical activity helps with “better sleep, happier moods [and] managing stress, anxiety or intrusive and racing thoughts” thanks to stress-busting hormone, cortisol. 

And with the spring sun shining you’ll get a healthy dose of happiness vitamin, vitamin D, to keep you smiling and motivated. When you return to driving, you’ll feel refreshed from being productive, and relieved to know you’ve already done some of your recommended fitness for the day.