Need one good reason to drive with Ola?

We’ll give you 3 (the ones our drivers like the most)-

Lower commissions at just 15%

Our commissions are one of the lowest among ride-hailing apps. Which means you get to keep more of what you make.

24/7 driver support

Need help? Reach out to us directly. You can get on call with us, 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Daily secure payments

Every working day is pay day! No need to wait for your hard-earned money.
Driving documents
Required paperwork for preparing to join Ola
Private hirePayment Information

Vehicle documents

  1. Private hire vehicle licence (paper licence)
  2. Vehicle insurance certificate (must contain the name of the driver and vehicle details, otherwise hire agreement or permission letter or full policy schedule)
  3. MOT certificate (produced in last 6 months old)
  4. Vehicle logbook or new keeper slip

Driver documents

  1. DVLA driving licence
  2. DVLA check code
  3. Private hire driver’s licence (paper licence)
  4. Private hire driver’s licence (photo badge) – optional
  1. Bank account and Sort code
  2. National Insurance number
Becoming Ola ready
You need to complete five assessments before you can start working as an Ola driver. This is to ensure great quality on our platform.
Ola induction trainingCustomer experience and behaviour assessmentCommunication assessmentOnline driving assessmentDriver docs are in-date
This is a short video about Ola and how to use the platform. It will be followed by a few multiple-choice questions on the content.Visit and log in using your Ola registered email address. You should have already received an email to create your password. Watch Video
This is a short psychometric test of customer service behaviour.Make sure you have time to complete both parts as it times out after 45 minutes and you won’t be able to log back in to complete it. Watch Video
This test is accessible via the Versant app (Play Store or App Store) and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. It is designed to aid your interaction with customers, ensuring you receive the great ratings you deserve for every ride.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet location
  • Please complete the test in one sitting
  • At the end of the test, please do not exit the app until it shows you your final score, or it will not be submitted
  • Please take a screenshot of the final screen showing your score. This can be used as evidence of completion
Watch Video
In partnership with DriveTech (Part of the AA). We want to support you and help you to drive safely for the sake of your family and your passengers. This assessment will help you understand how to minimise any risk in your daily driving. This partnership with DriveTech is the first of its kind in the ride-hailing industry. Watch Video
Make sure all of your driver docs are in-date. Update any expired documents in your driver app to be able to drive. Just check in your app.

Need Help with the Onboarding Process?

This video walkthrough guide will take you from start to finish, step by step


Ola Driver Training

Everything you need to know to get moving with Ola

Ola’s Safety Standards

Everything you need to know to get moving with Ola

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