Driving England in the right direction, as it re-opens

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You may have noticed travel has been the hot topic of the bank holiday weekend, which is incredibly positive news for all of us at Ola. The Prime Minister presented a plan to reopen society while Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, advised on plans to “get Britain moving again”.

It’s clear that getting the country back to work while maintaining social distancing rules is a large logistical challenge. But what does this all mean for Ola?

“if the UK transport network was running at full capacity, social distancing rules would mean only one in 10 passengers could travel” – Grant Shapps

Nine in ten commuters will be re-thinking their travel options

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According to Mr.Shapps, “if the UK transport network was running at full capacity, social distancing rules would mean only one in 10 passengers could travel”. This was backed up by PM Johnson advising the public should return to work (where homeworking is not possible), but avoid public transport. 

As an affordable, convenient alternative to public transport Ola’s prospective customer base just grew. So it’s a great time to be driving for us! 

We’re re-connecting people professionally and socially

There’s more than motivation for our riders to be more active in their travelling habits thanks to the PM’s announcement. He advised from Wednesday the public can take “unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise”. 

This includes travelling to destinations such as parks and beaches for exercise or leisurely enjoyment. With more set to travel, here are our top Dos and Don’ts to put customers at ease:



Clean the high contact touch-points in your car after every ride using a disinfectant cleaner. Touch-points include:

    • Door handles 
    • Steering wheel 
    • Seat Belts and buckles
    • Seats
    • Dashboard
    • Gear stick
    • Windows
    • Mirrors
    • Vehicle keys
Have any direct physical contact with riders at any point.


Wear a face mask (that covers both your mouth and nose) and gloves, when driving with Ola. This is not a legal requirement, but is a helpful health precaution, for use at your discretion. ❌ Drive if you are experiencing any symptoms, even minor, of COVID-19.  Please let us know if you fall ill and are self-isolating.
Clean your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with hand sanitiser. ❌ Let your stock of cleaners or sanitisers run low.
Dispose of used cleaning tissues sanitarily. They can be binned outside of the vehicle, or in a rubbish bag provided it is in the boot of your car (when there is no food shopping) at all times.   Share your cleaning products with anyone else. Observe social distancing as often as possible.
As recommended by the Department for Transport, please keep windows open as much as possible for good air circulation. 

Thanks to you, riders can build unforgettable memories

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It’s going to take us a long time as a society to recover from Covid-19 and rebuild the country’s morale. However, this is a start and one that our riders won’t forget.

As the country cautiously opens itself back up, Ola will be a part of that memory. Let’s continue to impress them with our services for complete brand awareness and confidence in Ola by association. 

Our riders want to stay safe, but like everyone else they also want to make the most of the sun! Now that friends and relatives from different households can reconnect, let’s be more than a drive in the right direction. Let’s work together to be their go-to for friendly, clean, secure travel.