I exited the Mettl test part way through by mistake. What should I do?

Please note that you need to complete both modules of the Mettl test in full to start driving with us. In case you have partially completed, use another email ID if you have one, with your PHDL number to retake and complete the test. If you do not have another email ID then please contact […]

MyDriveTech assessment login / password is not working.

Please login to your driver portal at olaride.uk/drivers You will be able to find all of your login details there. If you are still having issues then please give us a call on 0203 9720800 and we will give you a new one

Do I need to do the e-learning modules for the DriveTech assessment now?

You need to complete the initial assessment now to be able to drive with Ola but not all of the e-learning modules immediately. However, we strongly advise you to complete all the recommended e-learning modules within a week. They are designed to help you continuously improve your performance, and we will be monitoring completion and […]