Ola Headlines Newsletter: Launch edition

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Welcome to the first Ola Headlines newsletter, full of updates for our drivers.

As summer season starts and society begins to reopen, safer driving and higher hygiene standards have been asked of us all. We want to thank you for working with Ola to offer this in every journey.

Government updates

Thank you for reconnecting riders

Confidence in the ride-hailing industry has never been more critical for riders, and with your service we’re helping remove public concern.


Our new Driving 101 Blog outlines the government COVID-19 updates for protection while working as a driver. Also see our top three reasons on how we predict Ola drivers will reconnect the nation.


On the new Driving 101 Blog, you’ll find all the relevant highlights from First Minister Mark Drakeford’s Friday speech about easing the lockdown.

An update on license renewals

The effect of COVID-19 means many Government departments are working with reduced staffing levels. As a result, processing times for license renewals are likely to be longer than expected.

Please plan ahead for this. If you apply for your documents in a timely manner, your driver status on the Ola Platform should not be affected by these delays. You can check timescales with your local issuing departments to avoid driver status interruption.


Missing the Euros, Wimbledon or the Olympics? Try a sports game app

Ok, we know Fantasy Football is cancelled – but why should that mean the end of a beautiful game for you? Read our mobile gaming recommendations on the blog.

With mobile apps such as Headball 2 for footy lovers, strategic Stick Tennis, and Sonic at the Olympics 2020 for athletics fans, you’ll have a new way to pass breaks.

Like mobile gaming apps, we’ve compiled the bestpodcasts for general entertainment! Check them out on the blog.

Driving 101 Blog

Introducing the Driving 101 Blog for Ola Drivers

Whether you’re a part-time ride-hailing hustler or permanent travel pro, the life of a professional driver deserves celebration. We’ve started a blog all about you: working as a ride-hail driver. Expect:

  • Updates on the PHV and taxi sectors
  • Highlights from industry Influencers
  • Stories about your network
  • Tips on driving health
  • Entertainment for fun
  • Gig-economy articles and much more…

Driver offers

There’s still time for a D2C tenner!

Simply refer a rider to Ola, and once they ride with us we’ll send £10 your way.

We haven’t forgotten about the riders either, they save money too. Once they have scanned your QR code and downloaded the Ola app they will receive an Ola voucher worth £5.

For London: The rider gets up to 3 vouchers of 25% off each (up to £4 per ride). T&Cs apply