Ola Headlines Newsletter: July 2020

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The third Ola Headlines has landed! Packed with plenty of information about driver incentives, PHV industry updates and much more.


Government Updates

Surge in demand as England and Wales reopen

Lockdown was relaxed further this month in the UK, with 4 July marking ‘Super Saturday’ as pubs and restaurants reopened. PM Johnson also announced that from 17 July everyone, from key workers to families, would be permitted to travel on public transport again. 
In Wales, from 27 July face coverings became legally mandatory for all users of public transport as Welsh cities slowly reopened.
With industries such as Hospitality, Fitness & Leisure and Travel reopening and larger households able to meet, demand has continued to increase in the last month.

Don’t forget to…

Update your app

Are you using the latest version of the driver app? It’s worth checking to make sure you’re getting the most recent app features and improvements. 

Update your iPhone app

Update your Android app

Remove your partition from your car

Unless your local council has explicitly approved in writing that your transparent hygiene partition can remain, you’re better off removing it to avoid penalties.

Governing authorities such as TfL and local councils advise that PHV drivers need to meet regulatory requirements to keep these screens in their car. Contact your local council to find out if you can keep yours.


Introducing Ola CorporateOla Headlines graphic introducing Ola Corporate

Ola’s company travel management service, Ola Corporate, has launched and landed successfully this week for the UK, Australia and New Zealand markets. So, expect demand to rise even higher!

Ola is offering an overall saving incentive of 25% reduction in ground travel costs. Corporate customers will make booking requests the same way regular riders do, only through a corporate account. You’ll receive these requests in the same way too, so no changes are necessary.


Demand Hotspots

Hotspots for London, Liverpool, Brum and Bristol 

It’s no secret that Fridays and weekends are generally busier demand periods across England and Wales. But what about the rest of the week?

The government’s Monday – Wednesday Eat Out to Help Out Scheme running from 3 – 31 August, gives the public a 50% discount when they eat out in restaurants registered with the scheme. This will likely see demand go up from Monday to Wednesday evenings.

We’ve created individual blogs about demand hot spots from Monday to Sunday for London, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham. Each blog breaks down demand by hour, so you can make the most of booking requests during your shift.