Ola Pro Driver Terms

In these Ola Pro Driver Terms, ‘You’, ‘Your’ and ‘Driver’ shall have the same meaning as ‘Driver’ in the Ola Driver Agreement, and ‘Us’, ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Ola’ shall have the same meaning as ‘Ola’  in the Ola Driver Agreement.

Ola Pro opt-in:

  1. As a selected Driver on the Ola platform You can opt in to become an Ola Pro Driver prior to 23 April 2020. You will remain subject to the Ola Driver Agreement.
  2. In addition, if You are also a current One Stop driver, and You wish to maintain Your current Minimum Ride Earning Guarantee, You must opt in to become an Ola Pro driver, prior to 23 April 2020. Your Minimum Ride Earning Guarantee will continue until 17 May 2020, subject to you:
  • Abiding by the terms and conditions attached to the Ola Pro category
  • Meeting the minimum weekly criteria required for Your Minimum Ride Earnings Guarantee, including but not limited to login hour, peak hour, and completion rate targets. Full details can be found here


Ola Pro Requirements

  1. Ola has the absolute discretion to select drivers and vehicles for Ola Pro.
  2. Prior to driving on Ola Pro, You must make an appointment for set-up with Us at: Simple Self Drive, Simplex House, Freshwater Road, Romford RM8 1RX or such other venue as directed by Ola from time to time. A transparent hygiene partition will be fitted in Your car. You accept that this will create two small screw holes in the car upholstery, and that any repair work needed once removed will be at Your cost. 
  3. You are responsible for ensuring that the hygiene partition remains undamaged. Should it be damaged You must notify Us immediately. A replacement partition may be provided at Our absolute discretion.
  4. You MUST login to Your Ola Driver app and be available to accept rides in the TfL zone for a minimum of 50 hours a week and maintain a completion rate of 80%. 
  5. You must only use the equipment provided to clean Your TfL licenced car. 

Weekly Driver centre visits

  1. You agree to an initial cleaning visit followed by a weekly cleaning visit at a Driver centre nominated by Us whilst You are part of the Ola Pro category.
  2. You must visit one of Our designated centres once a week for car cleaning. You will have a scheduled time and date arranged either:
  1. i) in advance through phone or email communication with an Ola team member.  
  2. ii) Booked by You in Your Driver app once this feature is live.
  1. You must adhere to the date and time allotted for Your appointment.
  2. Should You be late for or miss more than three appointments You may have Your eligibility for the Ola Pro category terminated.
  3. You must allow all required cleaning activities to be carried out, with the designated products, on each visit. This can be carried out by an Ola representative, or a nominated company enlisted by Ola for this purpose. 
  4. The products provided by Ola are on an as is basis and Ola makes no warranties as to fitness for purpose.
  5. Any damage caused during a Driver centre visit will be at Your own risk.
  6. By opting in to be an Ola Pro Driver You consent to having Your temperature checked once a week at Your Driver centre appointments. If at any point Your temperature registers You as having a fever as defined by the NHS guidance then You will be deemed unfit to drive. You will be temporarily off-roaded from Ola for a minimum of 7 days and advised to self isolate as per Uk Government guidance. After 7 days Ola will contact You to plan Your return to driving on a case by case basis.

When driving

  1. You must wear a fresh mask and gloves daily (either Your own or those provided by Ola) whenever You are active on the Ola platform and in particular whilst driving and cleaning the car or in contact with a rider.
  2. You must use the disinfectant spray and fresh disposable tissues to clean all of the following: door handles, steering wheel, seat belts and buckles, seats, dashboard, gear stick, windows and mirrors. This must be done at the start and end of every shift as well as before each Ola ride. 


  1. Non-compliance with any of the Ola Pro terms and conditions may result in You being removed from the Ola Pro category. 
  2. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any terms of the Ola Pro category herein, any requirements set under the category or withdraw the category from the Ola platform at any time

Health and safety requirements

  1. You understand and agree that We are providing this service in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  We are not a medical authority and if at any time You feel unfit to drive due to flu or COVID-19-like symptoms, You must notify Ola and comply with the UK government and Public Health England’s guidance regarding the treatment of COVID-19.

Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.