Introducing Ola Pro

Ola’s new category for the highest standards in car cleanliness

We understand you need to maximise your earnings. It’s why we’re introducing our brand new category, Ola Pro – one where Ola and drivers join together to deliver the highest standards of car cleanliness.

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Why drive Ola Pro?

  • You’ll help set a new benchmark for cleanliness in ride-hailing
  • You’ll maximise your earning potential while satisfying customer demand for the highest standards of car cleanliness

Ola Pro’s benefits

For your car

  • Transparent hygiene partition between drivers and riders
  • Weekly professional car cleaning service

For you

  • Ola Pro cleaning kit (gloves, mask, disinfectant spray, disposable tissues and hand sanitiser)
  • Weekly temperature checks at Ola’s cleaning centre

For more details of Ola Pro and its unique benefits – all provided free of charge – watch this video.

How to make the most of Ola Pro: the essentials

We’re delighted to have you on board as an Ola Pro driver! Ola Pro is a fantastic way to promote your professional driving services over others, at no extra cost to you. To make sure you stay within the guidelines for this free service, follow our four memorable CARS tips below.

  1. Clean the regular touch-points in your car after every ride. If you’re unsure what these are, please contact us to advise you.
  2. Attend your weekly car cleaning appointments without fail.
  3. Reschedule any missed appointments within a 24-hour period.*
  4. See, read and follow the Health & Safety guidance provided with the kit

Want more details?

Take a look through this booklet. We give all drivers hardcopies of this after sign up.

N.B: you MUST login to your Ola driver app and be available in the TfL zone for a minimum of 50 hours a week and maintain a completion rate of 80%.

For your information

*The new appointment must take place the next working day or you may be downgraded from Ola Pro temporarily. Note that if you miss a total of three car cleaning appointments, you may be permanently downgraded from Ola Pro.

Things to note

There are some significant commitments/criteria required of Ola Pro drivers that you should be sure of before you sign up. Here are 5 that you definitely should have considered

  1. Login to your Ola driver app and be available in the TfL zone for a minimum of 50 hours a week. Maintain a completion rate of 80%
  2. Follow all instructions provided to you around cleaning protocols and frequency
  3. Attend a scheduled weekly appointment at an Ola drive-in centre
  4. You are liable for any repair costs needed after the removal of the hygiene partition

Please ensure that you also read ALL the terms and conditions carefully. Opting into the Ola Pro category signals your acceptance of these. Serious or repeated breaches of the requirements may get you removed from Ola Pro.

Please fill out the details below to sign up to Ola Pro

    IMPORTANT: Please do not share this website with other drivers to opt in.
    Registration for Ola Pro is by invite only for select drivers.

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