Ola V5c Logbook Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

Keeping on top of your registered keeper documents for Ola is easy. You simply need to upload a photographed version of your logbook into the app, ensuring it meets Ola’s upload requirements.

Updating your V5c in the app

  1. Open the Ola driver app
  2. Enter My Profile > Documents > Car documents > Vehicle logbook 
  3. Upload your document 


Acceptable V5c versions Pre-qualifying upload requirements
  • The original V5c copy 
  • Legible handwriting 
  • All key vehicle details must be included:
    • Model and colour
    • Vehicle tax class
    • Engine size
    • VIN/Chassis/Frame number 
    • Date of first registration
    • Current Registered Keeper*
    • Previous Registered Keeper
  • If your V5c is the newer red version, all four pages of the document should be uploaded
  • If your V5c is the blue pre-2012 version you’ll need to upload both pages

Your logbook upload file must meet the prerequisites in the table above. If it doesn’t, you will need to upload a new logbook image file that fits the above criteria. 


If your vehicle is leased

*The details we need from you to verify your logbook and keeper slip are slightly different if your vehicle is leased. You’ll still need to meet the pre-qualifying conditions in the table above to upload your document, but the information for these details will likely refer to your Lease company. 

For example, the driver’s name on the V5c is likely to read ‘Europcar’ if you have entered a leasing agreement with Europcar. They would also be listed as the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle on the logbook for tax purposes.  


If you don’t have your V5c

You may have misplaced your V5c logbook, or be waiting for it to arrive after recently purchasing your car.

Replacing your V5c

If you need to replace your logbook apply for a new vehicle registration form (V62) immediately. There is a processing fee of £25 to pay. We strongly recommend you apply for the V62 by phone, as you are likely to receive the document within five working days. Requesting a replacement V62 by post may take up to six weeks. 


Waiting on V5c due to vehicle purchase

If you bought your car within the past four weeks, you may still be waiting for your V5c to arrive. In the meantime, we’ll need to see the green New Keeper Slip provided to you by the seller. The slip should include the vehicle’s make, model, reg number, and date of first registration. 


Acceptable New Keeper slip versions Pre-qualifying upload requirements
  • The original slip 
  • Legible handwriting 
  • Vehicle’s make and model
  • Registration number
  • Date of first registration
  • A separate, but attached self-declaration note that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. This may be handwritten or typed, but the text must be legible and  include the following:
    • Date of writing 
    • Your signature or the signature of the leasing company advising permission has been given for vehicle


Example self-declaration: 

Driver self declaration form example