Ride Advantage Terms and Conditions-Old

Ride Advantage UK   How does it work? Ride Advantage is tailored to give you peace of mind when booking rides with Ola, from pick-up to drop-off and beyond. Ride Advantage provides assistance service from Ola to help you recover your lost items and  compensates you if you miss your flight due to a delay or if you leave your personal items behind.   Summary of Ride Advantage  
Benefit Description Payout Excess
Ola Assistance Dedicated support for booking related activities
Left Belongings Your left belongings have been recovered by you Ola ride vouchers worth £20 will be issued to your OLA account
Lost Electronics You leave your personal electronic is lost/stolen in the vehicle of your Ola Ride and are not able to recover your equipment Reimbursement of the cost you paid or the current retail value (whichever lower) of the electronic equipment up to a maximum £250 will be paid into your bank account. £40
Lost Baggage Your baggage is lost/stolen in the vehicle of your Ola Ride and you are not able to recover your belongings A fixed benefit of £60 will be paid to your bank account
Missed Flight Compensation You miss a flight as a result of a delay Reimbursement of the cost of the flight up to a maximum £250 will be paid into your bank account. £60
  This plan contains additional terms, conditions and exclusions as outlined below.


XCover aims to settle all the claims within 5 days . You have 30 days after the trip to lodge a claim.   To make a claim for retrieval of left belongings, lost baggage or lost electronics, go to Your Rides in your Ola app, select the relevant ride, then click on Get help. Next, select Ride Advantage, then “I want to make a claim”. Click on the Claim Benefit link to be redirected to XCover’s website , where you can lodge your claim. 


Your package includes Ola’s assistance service for recovery of lost items or any other questions related to your trip. To get assistance, go to Your Rides in your Ola app, select the relevant ride, then click on Get help. Next, select Ride Advantage, then ”About Ola Assistance”. For dedicated assistance, you may click on “write to us”  or “call us”.


You’re covered if…  
  • You lose your personal electronics and/or baggage
We’ll compensate you if your personal electronics and/or baggage is lost/stolen during your trip. You’ll receive the amount you paid, or the retail value of your personal electronics at the time of claim, whichever is lower. Proof of ownership will be required.  
  • Your left belongings are recovered
If your left belongings are found, we’ll compensate you with Ola ride vouchers worth £20. You need to have reported your left belonging to Ola and have the item returned to be eligible for this benefit.
  • You miss your flight
We’ll compensate you if your ride is unexpectedly delayed and results in you missing your flight. Your ride must be scheduled with sufficient time to reach the airport, per your flight itinerary and the airline’s or airport’s check-in guidelines. The original ETA to the airport shown on the Ola App when the ride starts will be used to determine the payout for this benefit.   All benefits detailed above are subject to maximum limits.    You are not covered…
  1. If the ride in question was not taken with Ride Advantage added
  2. For any excess shown on your Certificate.
  3. If you cancel your ride before it begins.
  4. For the cost of supplying supporting documents to finalise your claim.
How to make a claim   Claims can be made via your Ola app within 30 days of your trip. Go to the Ola app to start your claim.
  1. Go to the Profile section and select Your Rides (Ride History) page.
  2. Choose the Ride for which you wish to claim, and select the Get Help icon on the bottom right corner of the Ola App.
  3. Select the Ride Advantage tile to begin the process.
  4. We may ask for supporting documents to finalise your claim.
Cancellation & Refunds   The cover is automatically cancelled when you cancel the trip. Refunds are not available once the trip has been confirmed on the Ola App however you can cancel Ride Advantage for future trips via your profile on the Ola app at any time. Definitions   Accidental/Accidentally – an event that is sudden and unexpected, which is caused by external and visible means at a time that can be identified. Baggage – your personal effects and the like, including all suitcases and luggage. Certificate – the document giving details of the protection, including the cost, benefits and the reference number.    Cover Genius – the authorised distributor of this insurance policy, Cover Genius Limited. Excess – the first amount of any payout request for which you are responsible to pay. The excess applies to each payout request. Ola App – the application used by riders to book trips which provides the estimated pickup and drop-off time for all trips, the ability to manage your account and start the claims process. PartnerXCover.com, a trading brand of Cover Genius Ltd Personal Electronics – includes and is limited to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and wearable electronic devices. Rider(s) person(s) who has enrolled for Ride Advantage, or is travelling in the cab. Recommended retail price – means the lowest current selling price available at any  retailer.    Trip – the period from the start to the end of the ride with Ola cab.  We/Us/Our/Ours – Ola UK Private Limited, a UK company whose registered address is Suite 139, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH, under company number 11154418   Ride Advantage Voucher Terms & Conditions : 
  • Customers should manually apply their voucher(s) in the app to get the discount. 
  • All vouchers expire in 60 days from the date of issue. 
  • The coupon(s) cannot be partially redeemed or split across trips
  • Applicable for customers who receive the coupon communication
  • Not more than 1 coupon can be applied to one ride
  • The rides must originate in the UK in the locations Ola operates in and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • The voucher will be available in the coupon section of the Ola App
  For detailed terms and conditions, please visit https://www.xcover.com/en/pds/ride_protection_UK