Local Ola teams support charities through lockdown

West Midlands Volunteering with #BrumTogether 👏 The fantastic @Ola are one of many organisations volunteering to help those most in need 🌟 They have carried out over 500 deliveries and are a key part of the #BrumTogether network of community partners and services 👉 Read about their great work: https://t.co/Tp0RAxcv5f pic.twitter.com/4nIUb8ROvi — The Active Wellbeing […]

Demand Hotspots for Birmingham

We already know that weekends, evenings and rush periods are the busiest of all. But Where in your city are riders requesting bookings the most? Introducing Ola’s Driver Demand Hotspots, a closer look into Birmingham’s busiest areas to help you make the most of your time as an Ola driver. Follow this blog page regularly, […]