What’s included in the free servicing plan?

Every PCO car is serviced when reaching 10,000 miles (unless stated otherwise). Your service includes – oil change, oil filter, air filter and pollen filter. Our servicing department will book you an appointment, saving you time and effort.

Who pays for the congestion charges?

We recommend you sign up for auto-pay. However, if any tickets arise, they will be sent to your registered address. Any pending payments towards the end of the subscription agreement will be deducted from your deposit Also, Ola charges a ‘Central London Fee’ of £1, for any journey that picks-up, drops-off, or goes through the […]

Is there a mileage limit?

Yes, there is a fair usage policy of 1000 miles per week for vehicles under the rental plan and 800 miles per week for vehicles under a rent to buy plan. If you exceed this, you will be charged on a quarterly basis at 10p/mile. The mileage will be checked during your quarterly service.

What cars are available?

Toyota Prius (plug-in), Hyundai Ioniq (plug-in), Toyota Prius (hybrid), Toyota Corolla (hybrid), Hyundai Ioniq (Hybrid). Other models may be available in future.