Selfie Auth Support

Selfie Authentication Terms and FAQs Do’s and Don’ts – Tips for Selfie Verification

How do new EV drivers onboard onto Ola?

There is no change to the onboarding process. If you have an EV vehicle we will pick this up from the documents you provide and you will be automatically enrolled in the category.

How do I see which bookings are EV bookings?

You can see on the ride acceptance screen what category the rider has booked you under. You can also see a breakdown of your rides and earnings in the earnings section of your app.

Who can be an EV Driver?

All drivers licensed by TFL with a pure 100% electric vehicle will be eligible for the Ola EV Category

How to update your Ola driver documents

  Whether you’re just starting out with Ola, or have been with us for a while, you’ll need to keep on top of your driver documents in the app. We need to hold an in date, valid copy of these documents at all times for you to keep driving with Ola.  Document to update London  […]

Ola’s PHDL Badge Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

While on Private Hire duty you must display your badge at all times. Before uploading, check that your badge has the following information clearly visible: Driver (your) name  PH Badge Expiry date  Driver (your) photo, which must meet TfL’s driver photo guidelines City Council of license acceptee    Update your badge in the app Open […]