What does completion mean?

Your completion percentage is the amount of rides that you have completed, divided by the total number of rides that we send you. Don’t worry, any rides that are cancelled by the rider are not counted towards this number.

Will the platform be busy?

  We are running a massive rider acquisition campaign to keep you busy, right from the get-go. We are introducing a minimum ride guarantee offer, which ensures you receive £1000* per week on condition that you log in to your Ola App for 50 hours during the week and maintain a completion rate of 80% […]

Why is Ola’s OneStop plan better than existing market plans?

We offer the best rates in the industry and a subscription offer that includes rental, PCO testing, MOT testing, road fund licence, service, maintenance & repair of the vehicles, private hire & reward insurance, accident management, breakdown & recovery, and no commission.

Is there an ownership transfer?

Yes, under the rent to buy plan, all the log-book details and information will be transferred to your name post the completion of the lease. The transfer Fee for the same at the end of the plan would be £200.