What happens if I fail my temperature check?

If at any point Your temperature registers You as having a fever as defined by the NHS guidance then You will be deemed unfit to drive. You will be temporarily off-roaded from Ola for a minimum of 7 days and advised to self isolate as per Uk Government guidance. After 7 days Ola will contact […]

How many passengers can/should I take in an Ola Pro?

This is at your discretion, up to the number of passengers your vehicle will legally carry. Of course, Ola Pro’s hygiene partition is only effective when positioned between yourself and your passenger(s). Passengers sitting in the front seat will not get the benefit of this device. You may also wish to maintain this barrier between […]

Will I only get Ola Pro bookings?

No, Ola may also send you Comfort rides whilst you are driving on Ola Pro to cover demand. You must still follow all of the Ola Pro protocols irrespective of the category of the ride.