When and how will I get paid?

You will be paid the next working day for the rides you are completing, provided there are no subscription costs due. Any top-up amount will be credited on a weekly basis (by Wednesday).

What happens if a rider makes a mess in the vehicle?

You will have to report the incident to our driver care team and go offline in order to maintain your acceptance rate.  You can come back online after you have had your car cleaned. Refer to our policy to claim the charges for cleaning.

Do I pay when I am on holiday?

You can inform us in advance if you plan to take a week off. You are allowed 2-4 weeks off per year, based on your plan.

Can I use the car for personal use?

Yes, you are free to use your car for personal use. But keep in mind the mileage limit as per your contract. You will be charged 10p/mile beyond the limit.