How to update your Ola driver documents

  Whether you’re just starting out with Ola, or have been with us for a while, you’ll need to keep on top of your driver documents in the app. We need to hold an in date, valid copy of these documents at all times for you to keep driving with Ola.  Document to update London  […]

Ola’s PHDL Badge Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

While on Private Hire duty you must display your badge at all times. Before uploading, check that your badge has the following information clearly visible: Driver (your) name  PH Badge Expiry date  Driver (your) photo, which must meet TfL’s driver photo guidelines City Council of license acceptee    Update your badge in the app Open […]

Ola’s Driver Licence Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

As a professional driver you’ve no doubt renewed your driving licence countless times. Piece of pie, right? Every ten years, you must update your licence to continue driving with Ola and earning. As the licence is only valid from the day of approval, don’t wait to renew. This guide serves as a helpful overview to […]

Updated face covering exemptions from TfL

We’re ten days into the legal requisite to wear a face covering on public transport, and it seems those without them are now standing out. But some have good reasons. Transport for London have introduced a badge, much like the type provided for pregnancies, to avoid those affected facing intrusive health questions.  Look out for […]

What are your PPE expectations of drivers?

In light of Covid-19, we have introduced five safety measures we are asking riders and drivers to observe. We ask you to comply for your protection and that of your local community. The five safety measures are as follows: Wear a face covering (not a medical mask) at all times inside the car. Carry and […]

I have not received the instructions for any tests?

Given the current situation with regard to COVID-19 in London, we have temporarily paused our assessments and driver onboarding. You can still submit your application online and secure your place in the waitlist. We will reach out to you once we restart the onboarding. We will send email(s) with detailed instructions and guidelines for completing […]

Will Ola have enough riders in London?

We will be advertising the launch on a large scale, using billboards and digital marketing. We have successfully launched in big cities in the UK already, including: Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Cardiff, and are confident that we can attract enough riders to keep our drivers earning more.

Where does Ola currently operate?

Ola is a global rideshare company founded in 2010. We operate in India, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the UK. In the UK, we operate in several cities including: Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, and Cardiff.