Is there a mileage limit?

Yes, there is a fair usage policy of 1000 miles per week for vehicles under the rental plan and 800 miles per week for vehicles under a rent to buy plan. If you exceed this, you will be charged on a quarterly basis at 10p/mile. The mileage will be checked during your quarterly service.

What cars are available?

Toyota Prius (plug-in), Hyundai Ioniq (plug-in), Toyota Prius (hybrid), Toyota Corolla (hybrid), Hyundai Ioniq (Hybrid). Other models may be available in future.

How can I opt for this scheme?

New to Ola? Visit, Register to start the process and Select ‘Ola One-Stop’ during sign up. We will contact you with the appointment details. Already onboarded with Ola? Simply fill in the form that was sent to you via email. We’ll be in touch via SMS, email or phone with information about when to […]

What does completion mean?

Your completion percentage is the amount of rides that you have completed, divided by the total number of rides that we send you. Don’t worry, any rides that are cancelled by the rider are not counted towards this number.