How do I start the assessment tests?

To start the tests you need to have uploaded all of your driver documents and had them approved. You can then log back into your driver portal at and you will see all of the assessments that you need to take, along with their status. Please be aware that there can be up to […]

What if I fail the assessment tests?

You will not be able to start with us for now. However, we will continue to help you improve your skills – you will be welcome to retry after 1-2 months. The DriveTech e-learning modules will remain available for you in the meantime.

Demand Hotspots for Birmingham

We already know that weekends, evenings and rush periods are the busiest of all. But Where in your city are riders requesting bookings the most? Introducing Ola’s Driver Demand Hotspots, a closer look into Birmingham’s busiest areas to help you make the most of your time as an Ola driver. Follow this blog page regularly, […]