How to update your Ola driver documents

  Whether you’re just starting out with Ola, or have been with us for a while, you’ll need to keep on top of your driver documents in the app. We need to hold an in date, valid copy of these documents at all times for you to keep driving with Ola.  Document to update London  […]

What is the age limit for vehicles?

For Comfort and Comfort XL Categories, we accept any vehicle that is under 10 years old, has 4 doors and seats a minimum of 5 (including the driver). For our Exec category, the car must be a 2014 model or newer.

How can I register as an Ola driver?

Use the ‘Register to Drive’ button ( to start the registration process and upload all the required documents. Once we have verified your documents, we will contact you with the next steps, including a waitlist process if this is in place where you applied.

Who can register as an Ola driver?

Anyone with a valid PHV licence and the eligible car can apply to drive with Ola. However, drivers with more than 6 penalty points, or with endorsements for any of the offense codes listed here are not accepted. Please note that we review our drivers’ points and offense codes on an annual basis. Please note […]

What is the status of my application?

We will get back to you within 4 days of your document submission. An email & SMS will be sent to your Ola registered email ID & phone number with the status. You can also log in to with your credentials at any time to check your application status.

What type of vehicles do you accept?

Your vehicle needs to be Euro 6 petrol or diesel engine, or a Euro 4 petrol-hybrid engine in order to meet emission requirements. We have 43 categories that your vehicle can be accepted into Ola Comfort, Ola Comfort XL, Ola EV, and Ola Exec. All Vehicles should be registered as Private Hire vehicles (PHV) after […]