Ola’s Driver Licence Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

As a professional driver you’ve no doubt renewed your driving licence countless times. Piece of pie, right? Every ten years, you must update your licence to continue driving with Ola and earning. As the licence is only valid from the day of approval, don’t wait to renew. This guide serves as a helpful overview to […]

Ola’s TfL PHDL Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

When it’s time to renew your TfL Private Hire Driver’s Licence (PHDL), uploading the document to Ola’s driver app really is a doddle. No paper, no queues, just one simple process you’ve followed before to onboard with us.  If you’ve already renewed your licence, skip straight to the Updating your PHDL in the app section.  […]

Ola V5c Logbook Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

Keeping on top of your registered keeper documents for Ola is easy. You simply need to upload a photographed version of your logbook into the app, ensuring it meets Ola’s upload requirements. Updating your V5c in the app Open the Ola driver app Enter My Profile > Documents > Car documents > Vehicle logbook  Upload […]

How will you compensate drivers operating in central London?

Ola charges a ‘Central London Fee’ of £1.80, for any journey that picks-up, drops-off, or goes through the Congestion Charging /ULEZ area. This will be charged to the rider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and passed onto you. It will be up to you to arrange the relevant payments to TfL.

Does Ola accept bookings outside the London area?

Ola London driver partners are only able to do pick-ups and drop-offs within the London TfL area. However, you will be able to pick-up OR drop-off outside of this area, only if one of them is based in the TfL area (for example trips to and from Stansted Airport are allowed, but a trip from […]

Why does Ola make me take breaks?

Driving for long periods of time without taking breaks increases the risk of accidents that can harm you, your passengers, and other road users and/ or damage your car.

How long can I drive in a day?

If you accumulate 10 hours of ‘in-trip’ driving time within 24 hours from the start of a shift, we will put you on an enforced rest of 8 hours, where you will not be able to log on and take trips. ‘In-trip’ driving time starts from the moment you accept a trip until the time […]

What is your rate card in London?

We use a ‘Rate Card’ to display our fares so it’s clear to both riders and drivers. Check our current London rate card below.