Ride Advantage FAQs

1. What is Ride Advantage?

Ride Advantage exists to give you peace of mind and the certainty that you have a remedy in case something goes wrong. It gives protection for issues during your ride, namely:

  • Loss of personal electronics or belongings
  • Compensation for hassle when you have to retrieve left belongings
  • Missed flights caused by delays
  • Plus Ola Assistance – dedicated support for your trip related issues

With Ride Advantage, you will either be reimbursed a fee, or receive ride vouchers as compensation for the inconvenience or your loss

2. How to opt in to Ride Advantage?

You can opt in from the profile section of your Ola app.

  • Go to My Profile
  • Click on Ride Advantage
  • Turn on the “Subscribe” toggle

Once you have opted in to Ride Advantage, the Ola app will automatically include Ride Advantage for each Ola ride you book thereafter.This means that you will be covered for all subsequent rides with Ride Advantage unless you decide to opt out of the program.

3. How do I opt out of Ride Advantage?

You can opt out of Ride Advantage at any time by doing the following in your Ola app:
  • Go to My Profile
  • Click on Ride Advantage
  • Turn off the “Subscribe” toggle 

Once opted out, you will not be able to receive any Ride Advantage benefits and the Ride Advantage fee will no longer be charged on any of your subsequent rides with Ola.

4. Can I cancel Ride Advantage for an existing ride?

No, you will  not be able  to cancel Ride Advantage for any Ola ride that has already been booked by you before such cancellation. 
You may only opt out of Ride Advantage for your future rides by following the opt out steps listed in the FAQ
How do I opt out of Ride Advantage” above.

5. Where can I see my payment history for Ride Advantage?

If you have opted in to Ride Advantage, you will be charged a Ride Advantage fee for each eligible Ola ride. You can check the amount you have paid in your ride receipts which are available in the Ride History section of your Ola app.

6. Where can I view details about Ride Advantage?

For details on the policy, including compensation amounts, excesses applicable and restriction, please see the Terms and conditions

7. How do I make a claim?

Please follow the following steps to make a claim:

  • Go to Your Rides in your Ola app
  • Select the relevant ride
  • Then click on Get Help
  • Next select Ride Advantage
  • Then click on I want to make a claim
  • Click on the Claim Benefit link and you will be redirected to XCover.com where you can lodge your claim.

8. Who can make a claim?

  • You are a registered Ola customer;
  • The ride in question was taken with Ride Advantage
  • You are eligible as per the conditions mentioned in the T&C document of this product.

9. Where can I find the Ride Advantage Terms and Conditions?

The Ride Advantage Terms and Conditions are located Terms and Conditions