Ola’s MOT Renewal Guide for Drivers in London

Getting your MOT certificate tells Ola, your riders, and other road users that your vehicle is in top-tip condition to be on the road. It also helps you avoid a £1000 fine! You can book an MOT up to a month in advance of the day before your current certificate expires. 

As of 2020 the MOT fee for private hire and public service vehicles (seating max eight people) is £54.85. 


Before you get started

Your MOT certificate will need renewing every six months when you are driving with Ola, so it’s a good idea to set a reminder in your calendar. This is standard practise for all Private Hire vehicles across platforms. 

Before you upload it to the app, make sure your updated certificate displays each of these details:

  • Vehicle number
  • Certificate issue date, which should be within six months of the current date
  • Certificate expiry date


How to upload your MOT in the app

Open the driver app:

  1. Open the Ola driver app
  2. Enter My Profile > Documents > Car Documents
  3. Upload your certificate


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