Driving England in the right direction, as it re-opens

You may have noticed travel has been the hot topic of the bank holiday weekend, which is incredibly positive news for all of us at Ola. The Prime Minister presented a plan to reopen society while Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, advised on plans to “get Britain moving again”. It’s clear that getting the country back […]

Welsh Government advice for PHV and taxi drivers

Last week First Minister Mark Drakeford lifted the once-a-day exercise limit, and has updated the status of the nationwide lockdown to allow for more travel.  The Prime Minister has set out his changes to the lockdown rules in England. I set out the position for Wales on Friday. Our message remains the same – Staying […]

How to protect yourself against coronavirus when buying petrol

Ordinarily, fuelling up our cars is something we do with our eyes shut. Open the cap, pump the petrol, pay and go all in one swift motion. That was before coronavirus. Now, we have to be vigilant for our own protection and others to make sure everyone has a safe experience.  In this article we’ll […]

Updated face covering exemptions from TfL

We’re ten days into the legal requisite to wear a face covering on public transport, and it seems those without them are now standing out. But some have good reasons. Transport for London have introduced a badge, much like the type provided for pregnancies, to avoid those affected facing intrusive health questions.  Look out for […]